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FuturesDay Manifest

We are writing this Manifest as a base for a progressive/ dynamic communication tool among each other and with you. (...) Do not hesitate to use the communication tool below the sign if you want to leave a thought, smile or suggestion. This Manifest understands itself as a collectively growing medium.

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Futures day - as a new cultural common

It is possible to become futures literate and stop using the future for colonizing tomorrow and to start integrating a new point of view on the world which is not accessible from within the old paradigm. (Unesco - Conclusion)

We want to establish the FuturesDay as a new public holiday to make it a reoccurring, cyclic event in our folks calendars.

We want to establish the FuturesDay as a new cultural common to embrace a culture of futures thinking and acting within both digital and analog social landscapes. 

FuturesDay acts as a platform on which individual and common futures can be discussed and further explored.

We strongly believe that in order to make the future designable and accessible, one needs a place (future space), a time in which you open up and dedicate yourself to a desirable future. We demand a culture of the futures as an elementary sector of the existing cultural bodies.

 “Futures Literacy” is a capability. It is the skill that allows people to better understand the role that the future plays in what they see and do. FuturesDay aims to promote this ability as one. (warum wichtig? sozialdemokratische Zukunft, Selbstbefähigung - kollektive Befähigung Social democratic future,  Self-empowerment - collective empowerment)    

The future does not yet exist, it can only be imagined, and we as humans have the ability to imagine.

The FuturesDay is designed Open Source with a program to fill a day of sharing, facilitated by us and you, however can also be taken outside into various groups and adapted to specific ideas and needs.

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