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Additional Services

The use of adhocracy+ is free of charge. In order to finance the operation and further development, you are welcome to donate to us. In addition, we offer additional services that can supplement the use of adhocracy+ and, above all, the implementation of digital participation processes in your organization.


Support packages (large/small)

We advise you by phone and by mail on setting up projects and using a+. For this purpose, a defined support contingent is provided depending on your needs. In addition, we respond to e-mail inquiries within a response time of max. one (support package large) or two working days (support package small).


Removing the "Support" Banner  

In order to draw the attention of adhocracy+ users to the possibility of supporting the platform, a "Support" banner is permanently displayed on all pages. On request, we will remove this banner for the pages of your organisation on adhocracy+.


Set up your own URL

We set up a web domain registered by you for your area on adhocracy+. The domain/URL for your organisation pages will then always be displayed in the browser's address bar instead of the domain "". The registration of the domain is not included in the price.

In addition to your own URL, monthly or annual access to our analysis tool can be purchased.


Initial setup of the platform and trainings

We give an introduction to the use of the platform, especially the setup of projects and the moderation of online participation. Together with you, we configure your first participation projects on adhocracy+. In addition, we offer various trainings for you. The trainings are conducted via video conference. On request and against reimbursement of travel costs, it can also take place on site. 

On request, we are also happy to offer other services, such as online moderation of online participation projects on adhocracy+, content evaluation or the complete implementation of online participation for you. Please feel free to contact us.

Why don't you also offer the additional services free of charge?

Additional services are not necessary to use adhocracy+ and successfully implement participation projects on the platform. In addition, we often offer comparable trainings and workshops free of charge as part of events and workshops. Unfortunately, most of the additional services are very personnel-intensive and therefore we cannot offer them free of charge to everyone. Through our additional services we finance a part of the costs for development and operation. We appreciate your support!

adhocracy+ is funded by donations.
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