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Noise Action Plan for Model City (Spatial Brainstorming, Text Review)

Together we want to draw up a plan that shows where it is too loud and what measures should be implemented to reduce noise and protect spaces from noise. This will benefit all affected residents.

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Text Review

As soon as the ideas for the noise action plan have been collected, we will publish a first draft here. You are welcome to add comments to this draft.

Participation is not possible at the moment. It ended on .
Comment phase
Post comments on the paragraphs of the text


Draft from the UK - this serves as an example until our own plan is developed

Management of noise from industrial sources in agglomerations 10.1

Noise from industrial sources is currently managed through three parallel and complimentary regimes. These are: development control through land use planning; control through the Environmental Permitting Regulation process; and control through the use of Statutory Nuisance legislation.

The Regulations required that noise level information from industrial sources be determined in terms of several noise indicators11. These included:

- Lden

- Lnight

Noise from industrial sources in agglomerations: identification of problems and situations that need to be investigated 12.1

It is considered that the existing noise management regime as outlined in Paragraph 10.1 above provides suitable mechanisms for the proactive and reactive management of noise issues from the industrial sources mapped in Environmental Noise Directive agglomerations.

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