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COVID-19 Track and Trace System

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Easily track, trace and isolate COVID19 asymptomatic patients especially in 3rd world countries where social distancing is not possible and most people live hand-to-mouth

## Inspiration 

Lack of systemsin Third World Countries to easily track and trace travellers who are jetting in from areas with known local spread of COVID-19. 

## What it does

Users self register, then keep track of where they have been and when they were there. Using some AI algorithms, if a traveller tests positive, the system will alert all those people who were on the same plane or at the same premises with the patient who just tested positive, and therefore urge them to self-isolate, self-quarantine to protect other citizens. 

## How we built it Development work is still on-going. 

## Challenges we ran into

Lack of resources and how to deal with data privacy

## Accomplishments that we're proud of

We want to open source the whole project after we finish developing it

## What we learned

First world solutions rarely work for third world countries. It is easy to self-quarantine and / or self isolate when your government is able to send you monthly upkeep money to buy necessities. In most African countries, people live hand-to-mouth and for them, they would rather the virus kills them than die of hunger. This means they will go out and try look for food and are prepared to pay any price for it

## What's next for COVID-19 Early Warning and Track & Trace System

Translate it to as many languages as possible

Reference No.: 2020-00843
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