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Open Research On COVID19

NEED: Fachwissen/SMEs
NEED: Entwickler*innen/Devs
NEED: Finanzierung/Financial support

We want to support researchers and scientists to uncover hidden patterns within tenthousends of scientific publications on COVID19. Therefore, we offer the access to the COVID19 overall data as well as individuell tools to analyse the data set.

There are approximately 2.5 million new scientific papers being published each year. Some of these papers might be key to solve critical problems we face, such as the COVID-19. Facing the vast amount of data, AI can provide a helping hand! Our goal here is to enhance scientific work by utilizing AI as an assistant to cluster and sort literature.

We've been developing a data-driven platform for the cultural sector in order to support curators and educators of cultural institutions to understand and acquire insights from digital collections. Because of the urgency concerning the current situation with the COVID-19, we have decided to take part in the hackathon and repurpose our platform to help researchers to find hidden patterns in the scientific literature. Also, especially for this hackathon, we have worked on a little API that uses unsupervised ML in order to cluster papers based on sets of co-occurrent terms. We're making the code available on GitHub.

Reference No.: 2020-00918
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