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Tutor Platform

NEED: Designers
NEED: Texter*innen/Copywriters
NEED: Finanzierung/Financial support

Tutor Platform is a cloud-based all-in-one LMS. It contains a marketplace, e-learning authoring tool, virtual classroom, mobile learning application, CRM, financial components. Education organisations and private teachers-coaches-trainers can set up learning processes from scratch: From starting a school, creating and announcing courses and programs, running marketing with branded registration forms, developing e-learning materials, delivering them on virtual classroom or mobile and tablet applications till observing learning analytics and managing finances. 

Tutor Platform is designed for all training providers

Private trainers and mid-sized training centers can use Tutor Platform to

  • represent and sell their course offerings on marketplace
  • generate and manage student leads through CRM
  • create own learning materials ( digital books, placement tests and quizes)  with e-learning authoring tool
  • monitor learners' performance and adjust learning content accordingly
  • deliver learning content through both on mobile devices and desktop
  • provide live remote classes through integrated virtual classroom
  • manage staff and financial resources
  • send customised notifications
  • have their own subdomain

Big training centers, university extension programs, campuses and non-profit organisations can

  • run their school and learning management
  • develop own learning content
  • use CRM
  • receive a big deal of analytics for each section
  • run messaging and document management
  • have own domain, infrastructure and API
  • have a white labled mobile application




Tutor Platform is a self-contained LMS allowing to start the learning management from scratch. This includes: 


Training providers can customise Tutor Platform as they want: 


Having been built as a flexible platform Tutor can be integrated with various kinds of applications and tools. Now it is integrated with 

  • Zoom
  • Liveboard
  • Lessons Space
  • Mailchimp


Tutor Platform is both technically and business-wise scalable


For each section, Tutor Platform provides a bunch of analytical data. We help our customers increase their performance and productivity by making data driven decisions. 

White Labling

Enterprises get white labled mobile app, their own domain and API.


At Tutor Platform, we don't sell a solution.

We take time to listen to each of our customer, understand their needs and tailor the platform to meet these needs. Consulting and prioritising the future roadmap together with our partners is the important part of what we do.

Reference No.: 2020-01651
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