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Installing desinfection stations in public toilets, train stations and subway stations

bestehendes Projekt
NEED: Finanzierung/Financial support
NEED: Teilnehmende/Participants

The idea behind this project is a suggestion to install desinfection stations inside/outside of public toilets as one solution to minimize the spread of 2019-nCoV. The green circle, with the TV-Tower as its center, includes the tourists hotspots in Berlin. The virus is transferred by humans. The highest probability to become infected is in places with a high density of visitors. As there is already a high concentration of public toilets in the city center, it might be worth to upgrade them to give tourists access to desinfection stations at all times.

The same procedure applies to install desinfection stations in train & subway stations. I also recommend to keep this procedure even after and during loosening public life restrictions as preventative measure.

For the realization of the project administrative and financial support is needed by the federal government and companies, as well as Participants. Projects that already exist and can contribute to implement the project are welcome!

This idea was published on March 1st on my LinkedIn profile.

Thomas Kranzkowski
Reference No.: 2020-00827
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