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Green Jobs as the opportunity for current social crisis with positive environmental impact

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Currently we face the healthcare crisis, which impacts the social situation and further we will face the economic decline. This is the rule of the economy. But! the measures just to save the economy for growth is not the best, the approach "Too big to fail" can be missleading. The question: how we should support the economy, but consider the envrionemtnal and social espects, thus that recovery will be not according to the principles "business as usual". Green jobs, accordingly, are classified as, "jobs in business that produce goods or services that benefit the environment or conserve natural resources". It requires specific restrucruting but worth trying. 

Supportint thuse who are woking in the fiel of circular economy, material resque, localisation of the production, support current voluntary organisation working for the redistribution of different surplus - that what we need right now in Berlin. This approach is also none as Green New Deal, to restructure market towards new transformation in the period of slow down. 

Project suggestion: 

The Circular Jobs Initiative 

Businesses and Governments need to ensure jobs and skills are supported require for the green transition in the future as well, considering the topic of circular economy. Through the lens of the initiative's three core pillars—skillingquality of jobs and inclusivity. 

The circular economy presents opportunities for the environment, the economy and society. It is therefore an essential vehicle for aligning existingefforts towards environmental, economic and social impact. As the circular economy puts forward new ways of creating value and relating to the world around us, the circular economy changes the world of work.

Currently in Berlin there is growing number of repairs / fashion design shops / textile upcycles who can easily support the required need for mask productions.

There are many organisations dealing with food surplus resques that needs support and can surve as delivery and fight against food waste.


Dina Padalkina
Reference No.: 2020-00831
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