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"Berlin Basket" : Online Repository of Local Shops

NEED: Entwickler*innen/Devs
NEED: Teilnehmende/Participants

Project: Creating a "Berlin Basket" online repository of local shops offering delivery on their products across the city of Berlin (ex.: food, clothing, household products, etc.)

Objective: Supporting the local economy in Berlin.

Inspiration: Last Sunday, the government of Quebec launched the "Blue Basket" initiative, an online repository of all local shops offering online delivery on their products ( A similar online platform could be created to support local shops in Berlin. Data could be obtained through a Typeform survey similar to the following one, which collects available food delivery and pick-up options within the city of Berlin:

Description: The online platform offers a simple search engine linking to the home websites of all Berlin-based shops that offer online delivery on their products. Stores are categorized by product type (ex.: household products, art, groceries, etc.), district and type of delivery (sent out via post or available for pick-up). The website would be advertised as a simple way for citizens to help local entrepreneurs and to stimulate the local economy.

Impact: Our economy will need all the help it can get to come out of this crisis. Households ordering as little as 5 euros per week from local products would already have a tremendous impact on the local economy. 




Reference No.: 2020-00938
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