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Develop a common mission statement

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Released by Perry Grone @perrygrone

Why do you need a mission statement?

The Marel Foundation has been very successful for some time now: new employees have been hired and larger premises rented. Actually, everything should run like clockwork, yet the daily work routine is grating. The foundation has grown very quickly, all employees are used to being involved everywhere, the "hands-on" mentality has always worked well so far. Displeasure spreads, everyone feels like they are only sitting in meetings, flat hierarchies are nice, but who is responsible for what?

Here it can help to develop a mission statement. The joint development of mission statements includes the formulation of a mission and vision that everyone agrees on and identifies with. A mission statement describes the self-image of an institution and shows the basic direction in which it aims. It is future-oriented and serves as a guideline for action.

It is about working out the character and the central task of your institution. It is possible to develop this message in several workshops. Together. With adhocracy+ you can involve as many people of your organization as possible in the process of your mission statement and develop it. An iterative approach is advantageous for the development of a common mission statement, as this process has a certain inherent complexity. In concrete terms, this means that you can bring the results of each participation phase back into the process and further develop them - online and through joint meetings.

Depending on the possibilities, the joint mission statement can be developed via adhocracy+ through pure online participation or as cross-media participation (recommended). In the case of a pure online participation, the procedure must be pre-structured very well by you, which is possible in the case of cross-media participation even during the process with the participants. adhocracy+ offers you all the necessary digital tools for this.


Here you will find a proposal for the process flow. Depending on the number of potential participants* and the frequency of evaluations, it makes sense to extend or shorten phases.

  1. Preparation (approx. 1 week)
  2. Brainstorming of corporate values
  3. Idea competition "Our Vision" Phase 1: Submit ideas (approx. 1-2 weeks)
  4. Idea competition "Our Vision" Phase 2: Evaluating the ideas (approx. 1 week)
  5. Transparent publication of the winning idea as an event
  6. Survey on home office regulation: approx. 2 days
  7. Evaluation of the survey and discussion of the results: approx. 1 day

Modules used by adhocracy+


icon_brainstorming a+@2x.pngParticipants can submit their own ideas and discuss the ideas of others.


icon_poll a+@2x.pngParticipants can answer open and multiple choice questions and comment on the poll.

Idea Challenge

icon_agendaSetting a+@2x.pngIn a first phase, participants can submit their own ideas and discuss the ideas of others. In a second phase, the ideas can be rated (pro/contra).

Estimated effort

The effort for you as initiator of the process is about 2-4 hours for setting up on adhocracy+ and about 2-5 hours/week for moderation, activation and summary of the contributions. Between the individual phases the results must be summarized and prepared.

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