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Tutor is the ultimate platform to organise, promote and run learning. Education organisations and private teachers-coaches-trainers can set up learning processes from scratch: From starting a school, creating and announcing course offerings, running marketing with branded registration forms, designing e-learning materials, delivering them via Liveboad and Zoom or mobile and tablet applications, till observing learning analytics and managing finances. Developed as a flexible and customizable platform, Tutor is now integrated with Liveboard, Zoom and Mailchimp. It enables also having own API, domain and white lable.

Tutor Platform is designed for all training providers

Private trainers and starters

Individual teachers, intructors, coaches, tutors and career starters can use Tutor Platform to

  • teach and share their knowledge
  • create own learning materials
  • track learners' progress and adjust learning content accordingly
  • run classes in virtual classrom via Zoom and Liveboard

Mid-sized training centers and schools

Training centers from 20 up to 200 students can organise their administrative processes and also

  • generate and manage student leads through CRM
  • manage personal and financial resources
  • do task and calendar management
  • track expenses and credit discounts to learners
  • create digital books and quizes and adjust them to learners' personas
  • deliver learning content through mobile and tablet app
  • teach online via virtual classrooms via Zoom and Liveboard
  • track learning progress through analytics
  • adjust learning materials based on learning analytics
  • send customised notifications
  • have their own subdomain


Large training schools, university extension programs, campuses can

  • run their school and learning management
  • develop own learning content
  • use CRM
  • receive a big deal of analytics for each section
  • run messaging and document management
  • use integrations with Zoom, Liveboard and Mailchimp
Reference No.: 2020-01010
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