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Make your discussion more inclusive

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Released by Davide Ragusa @davideragusa

Why an Interactive Event?

Events are an important instrument to inform interested people about a specific topic. The challenge here is: How do we make events as interactive as possible so that as many people as possible participate and do not "switch off" or monologize?

With the "Interactive Event" module, you can make discussions more interactive. It supports the moderator in leading balanced discussions. Participants can ask their questions online and the moderator can then introduce selected questions into the discussion. The moderator can ask which group the participants feel they belong to. Woman? Man? Residents? Management personnel? Happy? The application is flexible and can be combined with various formats such as fishbowl, group work or panel discussions. In any case, we recommend two moderations: One moderation for the offline discussion, and one co-moderation that keeps an eye on the questions online.

One possible application is the so-called "Fishbowl" discussion. This is a discussion format in which a small group in the inner circle discusses a topic while the outer circle listens. Usually a chair is free to invite participants from the outer circle to join in the discussion. With the module "Interactive Events" even shy people can ask questions online. The co-moderation sorts the questions in the background and can take the place in the inner circle at regular intervals in order to express important questions from the online participation. A nice side effect: the co-moderation brings movement into the circle and leaves the chair free again and again. People who make themselves comfortable in the inner circle are thus motivated again and again to withdraw.


The procedure depends very much on the format of the event.

  1. Preparation phase: The integration of adhocracy+ must be discussed and conceptualized with the moderator and co-moderator. Important aspect: What should the audience be asked about? Which affiliations should be asked in order to consciously invite the participants into the discourse? The adhocracy+ set-up can then be completed quickly. Conceptualization and drafting together take about 1 - 2 hours.

  2. Implementation phase: As soon as the participants at the event are invited to ask questions online, the work for the co-moderation starts: Questions are sorted and fed to the moderation, possibly displayed on the presentation screen. With the help of a digital speech list, the moderator keeps track of relevant questions.

  3. Evaluation phase: All questions can be exported for evaluation. If necessary, unanswered questions can be answered online - or all questions can be answered in writing, documented and put online.

Modules used by adhocracy+

Interactive Event

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The participants of an event can ask their questions online. Other participants can support the question. You as the moderator can sort the questions by support or affiliation.

Estimated effort

The effort for you as initiator of the process is about 1-2 hours for setting up on adhocracy+ and about 1 day for follow-up for the summary of the contributions, after the discussion. Moderation and co-moderation during the event are not included.

Public technical discussion by the Office of Technology Assessment

TAB Interaktive Veranstaltung "Autonome Waffensysteme"

In the context of the newly published TAB study "Autonomous Weapon Systems" in 2020, scientists, members of parliament and the interested public came together to present the results, clarify questions and take a stand.

Panel discussion of a popular initiative "Democracy for All - but also digitally?"

DfA Interaktive Veranstaltung richtig richtig

As part of the "Democracy for All" referendum, the initiative invited party representatives to a panel discussion. The audience had the opportunity to participate digitally in the discussion with questions and comments.

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